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Iba Ka Samaritano. This Is Who We Are at GSC.

Good Samaritan Colleges isn’t like most schools you’ll consider. We have a clearly defined focus: to prepare our students for learning excellence and position our students for career success.

We’re a small community and we like our size because it gives us the ability to personalize each student’s education and the ability to provide our employees with the best work experience possible.

Our campus isn’t made up of wide spaces because we’re right in the heart of the city and make the most of our streamlined space and accessible location. We’re old with a rich history; we were established in 1973 and we carry on traditions of excellence as we simultaneously embrace the technologies of the future. We work hand in hand with partners who will provide opportunities for the growth of our students and our employees.

We intend to provide every Samaritano not just with an education or a place to work, but with an experience that will define the GSC Brand of Compassion, Competence, and Commitment.

Yes, we’re happy we’re different at GSC and you’ll be glad we are too.

Future Ready, Future Smart.

Good Samaritan Colleges

Good Samaritan Colleges is located in Cabanatuan City, the major center of business, education, entertainment, culture and sports in Nueva Ecija. Our mission is to provide a learner-centered environment that meets global standards. We are proud of being one of the most well-respected educational institutions in the Philippines.

All Educational Levels

GSC is one of the leading educational institutions in Cabanatuan City that offers quality and advanced high school, undergraduate, and graduate-level education at an affordable cost.

Advanced Perspective

We build our futures together by providing the students academic excellence, training them to be responsible citizens, and helping them to have a clear and well-defined goal in life.

Global Perspective

We are committed to educating students and producing graduates who are globally competitive and experts in their field of specializations.

Seamless Education

A seamless educational experience provided by our competent and well-trained faculty to ensure your success from enrollment to employment.

Integrated Approach

Growth and progress in the academe are seen through our innovative, skilled, and highly qualified faculty. We promote hands-on and experiential learning with the use of advanced technology that will future-proof our students.

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Good Samaritan Colleges

Good Samaritan Colleges

Good Samaritan Colleges

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Graduate School Admissions

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