GSC Implements Scholastic’s Prime Reading Program

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Junior High School of Good Samaritan Colleges uncovers information from the books available during Scholastic’s Prime Reading Program, implementing the importance of printed media as a medium of information.

The Junior High School (JHS) Department of Good Samaritan Colleges (GSC) has announced the implementation of Scholastic, the first prime reading English program in Region III last August this year.

Scholastic is a 1-month learning program which includes guided reading, identification of reading comprehension level, and book quizzes that are taken through Scholastic Website using the accounts given by the Information and Communication Technologies Department.

According to Veronica Javier, GSC Scholastic Coordinator, the purpose of the said program is to improve and strengthen the reading comprehension of JHS students, especially those who are in Grade seven.

“Sana bigyan nila ng chance kasi ganyan din naman ang tingin nila sa BSD, pero sa ngayon tinatangap na nila yung BSD. Talaga pa may bago, sa una medyo pangit yung tanggap nila dahil ang daming nagiging adjustment, pero sa tingin ko naman e magugustuhan nila kapag sineryoso nila yung Scholastic, yung hindi agad negative yung tingin nila. Talagang makakatulong kase sa kanila yun.” Javier explained.

Javier added, Senior High School Department will adopt the said program next school year if the result will show improvement to student’s reading.

“It motivate student to read more therefore educating theirselves, and I think it’s a really fun time because reading is absolutely magical as childish as it sounds,” said Yolline Pascual, a grade 9 student with 1112 lexile during interview.

GSC Library also provided a Scholastic section, with assigned and appropriate books for the different level of a student reading comprehension.

Under the program, JHS English teachers will give additional points to students who excel, and the section with the highest number of books read by students at the end of school year will receive boxes from Scholastic Consultant Daryl Mellanes.

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