Life as an Instructional Designer

I believe that Teachers have a great love for three things: Love for learning, love for learners, and the love for bringing the first two, together.

I am a Licensed Professional Teacher by profession, but I took a one-year break and eventually applied for a job and got hired here at Good Samaritan Colleges. I am blessed to become a part of the Instructional Designers (IDs). At first, I was tasked to make the Study Guides of the Junior High School students, wherein I design modules for MAPEH (Music, Arts, Physical Education, and Health) subjects and eventually also for the Senior High School (Physical Education and Health). I had tried to make content in different grade levels—Junior High School, Senior High School, and College— and the expectations for each course development varies. The experience of being an instructional designer is CHALLENGING yet AMAZING, as I now embody numerous roles in the process such as being a consultant and developer of the contents of the Study Guides I make, which I know could help me in the future.

The tasks that an Instructional designer should accomplish are different from that it would be difficult for others. Some of the traits that an Instructional Designer should possess are interdisciplinary knowledge, cross-cultural competency, commitment, and passion for learning. And the most crucial of all is to have a clear learning objective to make the content clear to the students for clear learning.

At first, it was hard to navigate and understand how Instructional Designer really operates, but as time passes by, I am glad that I was able to cope with it. There were also times when I get confused with the topic even though it is my area of specialization. As an Instructional Designer, I design the Study Guides in such a way that it gives clearer instructions to the students because I do not want the learners to experience what I went through when I was still studying. And with that, I ensure that all of the contents of my Study Guides are clear and well-constructed.

Always remember that Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today. We already know that life is already complicated, but the school doesn’t have to be. Hence, let us treasure and value Education for it will be the reason of our success.



Joseph B. Lindain 

MAPEH-Instructional Designer

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