Gurong Samaritano ng Bagong Milenyo 2020-2021

“in order to love who you are; you cannot hate the experiences that shaped you”

-Andrea Dykstra


Life hasn’t been easy lately, but despite of the circumstances we are all in now, we, the teachers of GSC have managed to keep our heads up.  We continue to be resilient by fighting for the future they think we all deserve.  This pandemic has shown us what life truly means and the importance of things that are usually taken for granted. 


We are proud of the small achievements we have so far like the struggle to live each day, and our determination to survive this season which has brought us so much joy and happiness. We know that everything we are going through now will make sense someday.  All the pain, hurt, and frustration we are facing will be worth it in the end. For now, we find comfort in knowing that this too shall pass soon.


Here at GSC, we find happiness and strengths in each other’s company. We are indeed very fortunate to be part of this community that provides a sense of security to us all.


Like what our great leaders tell us, let’s embrace this season with compassion and acceptance, let us all continue living, and at the same time, adapt well.  We want to encourage everyone reading this to appreciate yourself, and prove that we all can be the best versions of yourselves. 


So we encourage you to dress up, be happy, be grateful, be creative, and wear your most beautiful outfit and share them on your Facebook account. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #SAMARITANONGBAGONGMILENYO and #FUTUREREADYFUTURESMART.

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