Good Samaritan Colleges

Bachelor in Secondary Education Major in Social Studies (BSED SOCSTUD)


4 Major Programs

Offers Bachelors in Elementary and Secondary Education with majors in the fields of Preschool, General Education, English and Social Studies.

Educational Technology Program

Offers unique exposure to Educational Technology through a partnership with BSD Education Group Hong Kong and Asia Pacific College.

Learning and Work Opportunities

The Tatak ng Gurong Samaritano Program provides learning and work opportunities for students in areas like Manila and countries in South East Asia.

Program Overview

The degree of BSED SOCSTUD offered by the college is the newest program to be offered by the school. This specialization aims to prepare students to teach Social Studies subjects to secondary schools. Graduates are envisioned to be nationalistic, responsive and productive citizens who will contribute to national and global unity.

Job Target

  • Social Studies teacher in public or private secondary schools


College of Education seeks to be the college of choice of students who aspire to be agents of change in the country by producing graduates who are academically excellent, innovators, committed and compassionate.


Towards this vision we aim to:

  1. Cultivate students in becoming creative and critical thinkers.
  2. Develop highly competent graduates who are equipped with 21st century skills and are employable anywhere in the country and abroad.

Inculcate values displayed by a Good Samaritan.

College Objectives

Inline with the Vision and Mission Statements of the Good Samaritan Colleges, the College of Education intends to:

  • Provide extensive learning opportunities for students to become more globally competitive through its intensive pre-service curriculum where students are exposed on the different practices in the different schools nationally and in abroad.
  • Equip teachers and students with in depth knowledge of the context and 21st Century Skills that are relevant and necessary not only for the local aspects but as well as on global facet of education.
  • Provide opportunities for the students to practice compassion using the knowledge and skills they learn from school.


College of Education

Information Center,
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Cabanatuan City

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Why Choose Good Samaritan Colleges?

Good Samaritan Colleges is proud to be the premier college of choice in Cabanatuan City, the major center of business, education, entertainment, culture and sports in Nueva Ecija. Our mission is to provide excellence in service and a learner-centered environment that meets global standards. For over forty years, we have been educating students from across the region and producing graduates who are highly competent and globally competitive.

Accredited Integrated School Programs

All IS Programs are Level II Accredited by the Association of Christian Schools, Colleges and Universities Accrediting Agency, Inc. (ACSCU– AAI).

CHED-Approved Trimester Program

GSC is the only school in Central Luzon that offers the CHED-approved trimester BS Nursing Honors Program that allows qualified students to graduate in three (3) years.

Excellent and Complete Facilities

GSC is the only school in Nueva Ecija that operates two base hospitals: the Nueva Ecija Good Samaritan General Hospital, Inc. (NEGSGHI) in Cabanatuan City and Gapan City.

Nursing Residency Program (NEGSGHI)

GSC is the only school in Nueva Ecija that exclusively cares for its graduates through the Nursing Residency Program at NEGSGHI for specialty training and employment experience.

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