Good Samaritan Colleges

The History of GSC

It isn’t every day that an Austrian-trained doctor opts to go back to the previous of his birth to spread his expertise there. Vienna was where Dr. Peregrin P. De Guzman, Sr., EENT, finished his medical degree, making him one of the first foreign-trained medical specialists in Nueva Ecija. Despite the lure of offers to practice medicine in Manila, Dr. De Guzman’s heart lay in Cabanatuan City and in the regions of the north. In his early days, patients from as far as Isabela province flocked to his clinic for care.

In 1973, upon his retirement, along with his business-savvy wife, Catalina Tinio De Guzman, Dr. De Guzman founded the GOOD SAMARITAN COLLEGES (GSC) first as a school of Midwifery with only 90 students at that time. In 1977, the Nursing program that would become this school’s flagship followed.

In compliance with the law then stating that a college of nursing must have its own hospital, the couple set up the Nueva Ecija Good Samaritan General Hospital Inc. (NEGSGHI). Even after the law was abridged, the couple noted that NEGSGH was not only serving the community but has also become a premium training ground for their students. It was in 1978 when the NEGSGH was inaugurated.

The GSC Integrated School was established in School Year 1979 – 1980 in order to answer the need to provide quality primary and secondary education.

The next 16 years saw GSC expanding to include several other courses, such as BS Radiologic Technology (1985), BS Medical Technology (1993), BS Respiratory Therapy (2000), Caregiver course (2001), and Bachelor of Secondary Education and Bachelor of Elementary Education (2002).

In 1998, GSC’s second base hospital, the NEGSGHI in Gapan City, was opened.

Today, celebrating more than forty years in the industry, GSC is consistently striving to live up to its ideals of compassion, competence, and commitment and is continuously improving its programs, facilities, and services to best cater to the needs of its students and the community at large.

Global Perspective

For over forty years, we have been educating students from across the region and producing graduates who are highly competent and globally competitive.

Multidisciplinary Training

Our breadth and depth in academics come from our world-class faculty and Allied Health and Education programs and certifications across different schools and education levels.

Future Ready

Future ready educational programs designed to train and prepare students for the jobs and lives of the future.


GSC opens its Nursing Program, which would eventually become its flagship program.


GSC opens own hospital to serve the local community and provide a premium training ground for GSC’s students.


GSC begins offering Preschool, Grade School, and High School programs via GSC Integrated School.


GSC expands its course offerings to include:

  • BS Radiologic Technology (1985)
  • BS Medical Laboratory Science (1993)
  • BS Respiratory Therapy (2000)
  • Caregiver Course (2001)
  • Bachelors of Elementary Education and Secondary Education (2002)

During this time, in 1998 GSC‘s  second base hospital, the NEGSGHI in Gapan City begins operations.

Today, Good Samaritan Colleges has the largest enrollment in Private Junior High Schools and 3rd Largest enrollment in Private Senior High Schools in Cabanatuan City.

Good Samaritan Colleges