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Master of Arts in Education

The Program Design

The MAED program is open to graduate level students who wish to advance their professional knowledge, skills and expertise in an area of specialization.

The curriculum consists of core courses, twelve (12) units that develop foundational knowledge, major courses consisting of fifteen (15) units on an area of specialization, six (6) units of cognate subjects in a related area and thesis requirements (9 units).

The structure of the curriculum with core, cognates and specialization tracks ensures that the students are immersed in a range of educationally important areas of knowledge, as well as of specialization in their fields of interest.


The program aims to develop teachers who are competent, compassionate and committed to promote academic excellence and quality education.


Graduates of the program are expected to:

  • Increase their teaching competence in an area of specialization and enhance their understanding of theories, principles and methodologies in teaching and learning.
  • Develop innovative teaching strategies and materials that enhance the learning process and improve learning effectiveness.
  • Conduct relevant research focusing on outcome-based learning.
  • Be lifelong learners who are committed to the advancement of a higher culture through a continuous search for new knowledge.


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The Curriculum

Major Courses (15 units)


This specialization is designed to prepare teachers to assume leadership positions. The organizing theme for the program is the administrator’s role as the initiator, facilitator and implementor of educational change leading to effective learning and increased student achievements.


This specialization aims to build an in-depth understanding of early childhood education and establish the crucial link between early childhood learning and education of children. This specialization looks into policies, programs and schemes pertaining to early childhood learning and implementation of appropriate learning tools and materials.


This specialization is designed to develop special education professionals with an in-depth knowledge of special education theories and practices. The program prepares them to handle children with a diverse range of special needs and formulate an individualized educational plan that addresses the needs of students.


This specialization aims to build a comprehensive understanding of mathematical principles and establish a crucial link among mathematical concepts. The students get to critically analyze various schemes pertaining to a better understanding of mathematics and implement appropriate pedagogic practices in the classroom.


This specialization enables students to interrelate the physical sciences: chemistry, physics and biology and explains science principles as applied to everyday life and in the preservation of the ecology and protection of the environment.


This specialization focuses on a study of Filipino language and literature and enables the students to gain sufficient understanding of the issues concerning Filipino as a language of instruction and communication.

The Best Features of the Program

  • Highly qualified faculty
  • Blend of on-line and on-site delivery
  • Maximum of twelve (12) units of course work for a semester and nine (9) units for summer
  • Library services available on Saturdays with internet facility
  • Faculty adviser assigned for individualized advisement and thesis requirements
  • English proficiency classes

Why Choose Good Samaritan Colleges?

Good Samaritan Colleges is proud to be the premier college of choice in Cabanatuan City, the major center of business, education, entertainment, culture and sports in Nueva Ecija. Our mission is to provide excellence in service and a learner-centered environment that meets global standards. For over forty years, we have been educating students from across the region and producing graduates who are highly competent and globally competitive.

Accredited Integrated School Programs

BSN and Junior High School are Level 2 accredited by Association of Christian Schools, Colleges, and Universities – Accrediting Council Inc. (ACSCU-ACI); BEED and BSED received Level 1 accredited status.

CHED-Approved Trimester Program

GSC is the only school in Central Luzon that offers the CHED-approved trimester BS Nursing Honors Program that allows qualified students to graduate in three (3) years.

Excellent and Complete Facilities

GSC is the only school in Nueva Ecija that operates two base hospitals: GoodSam Medical Center in Cabanatuan and Gapan City.

Nursing Residency Program (NEGSGHI)

GSC is the only school in Nueva Ecija that exclusively cares for its graduates through the Nursing Residency Program at GoodSam Medical Center for specialty training and employment experience.

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