• Master of Arts in Nursing
  • Master of Arts in Educational Management

  • College of Arts and Sciences

    • Bachelor of Science in Travel Management
    • Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management
    • Bachelor of Arts in Communication
    • Career Opportunities
      • Teacher
      • Call Center Agent
      • English Teacher
      • Radio Announcer
      • TV Host
      • Journalist
      • Script Writers
      • Advertising
      • Events Coordinator
      • Sales Representative
      • Managing Hotel and Restaurant facilities and Personnel
      • Operating your own food and hotel business
      • Training housekeeping personnel
    • AB Behavioral Sciences - new!
    • Career Opportunities
      • No Vacancy as of this time.

  • College of Allied Health Professions

    • Bachelor in Medical Laboratory Science
    • Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology
      - Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy
    • Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy
    • Career Opportunities
      • Nursing Attendant
      • Nursing Aid
      • Hospital Assistant
      • Health Aide
      • Caregiver infant/toddler
      • Caregiver of a child
      • Caregiver of an elderly
      • Caregiver of people with special needs
      • Physical or occupational Therapist
      • Laboratory services
      • Radiologic Technician

  • College of Education

    • Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education
    • Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education

  • College of Nursing

    • Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Level II Accredited)
    • Bachelor of Science in Nursing – Honors Program
      (The only CHED approved Trimestral Nursing Program in Central Luzon).
    • Certificate in Health Care Services
    • Caregiver
    • Graduate in Midwifery

GSC Afilliate

  • Blue Path Special Education Programs
  • Professional Education Courses (PEC)
PEC (Professional Education Courses)

Of the required 18 units of credit on professional education courses, 12 units must be earned by completing one or each of the four (4) clusters enumerated below:

  • Educational Psychology or Adolescent Psychology
  • Principles & Techniques of Teaching, or Philisophies & Principle of Teachings
  • Principles of Education, or Introduction to Education Including Philippine Education System
  • Measure and Evaluation, or Research and Evaluation
  • Facilitating Learning
  • Teaching Strategies
  • Foundation of Education II (Historical, Philosophical & Legal Foundation of Education)
  • Tests and Measurements
  • Psychology of Learning
  • Teaching Strategies I (Teaching and Communication Arts)
  • Non- formal Education II
  • Student Program/Project/Curriculum Evaluation
  • Child Growth, Development, Learning (Development Education)
  • Teaching Strategies II (Teaching Social Studies)
  • History of Education
  • Educational Research and Evaluation
  • Child Study (Child Psychology)
  • Teaching Strategies III (Teaching Science and Math)
  • Philippines Education System
  • Introduction to Educational Research
  • Human growth, Learning and Development
  • Teaching Strategies IV (Teaching Values)
  • Philosophy Education
  • Assessment of Learning I
  • Foundation of Education I
  • Teaching Strategies and Other Special Field
  • Teaching Profession
  • Assessment of Learning II
  • Psychology and Sociological Foundation of Education
  • Teaching and content in Secondary Subjects

  • The remaining 6 units may be met by completing any of two (2) of the following professional education courses:
    Principles and Techniques of Guidance and any other Guidance Education Sociology Administration and Supervision
    Observation and Participation/ Observation and Community The Child and Curriculum
    Audio-Visual Education Student Teaching / Internship / Practicum
    Curriculum Development Education Leadership
    Preparation of Curriculum Materials Values Education
    Early Childhood Education Special Education

    (Level II Accredited for 5 Years)
  • Preparatory School
  • Grade School
  • High School

  • BS NURSING HONORS PROGRAM (Alternative Learning Honors Program)

    Alternative Learning Honors Program is a trimestral Nursing curriculum that aims to provide intensified training to students in a shorter period of time. Admission to this program is highly selective and students shall enjoy the following privileges:
    • The student who ranks number one upon admission shall enjoy 50% tuition fee discount.
    • The student who ranks number two upon admission shall enjoy 30% tuition fee discount.
    • All other students who qualified in the Honors Program shall enjoy 10% tuition fee discount.
    • There will be no increase in tuition for the whole duration of student’s enrolment in the Honors program.
    • Entry Requirements

      • Must have at least 85% General Weighted Average (GWA)
        during the fourth year of high school
      • Must have an IQ level of Average and above (to be evaluated by the GC&T)
      • Must have a reading comprehension level of at least 5.0 based
        on Star Reading Diagnostic Test
      • Must pass the one-on-one and panel interviews

    • Documentary Requirements

      • Photocopy and original copy of Form 138 (high school card)
      • Certificate of Good Moral Character from the High School Principal

    • Application Procedure

      • Secure application form from the GSC Information Center or at
        office of the school principal.
      • Submit the accomplished application form together with
        the required documents at the GSC Information Center.
      • The schedule of tests and interviews shall be given upon
        receipt of application.


    The Nursing Residency program is offered at GSC Base Hospitals – the NE Good Samaritan General Hospital Cabanatuan City and Gapan City. This program is exclusive to graduates of GSC who are certified board passers.
    As Nursing Residents they are entitled to receive training in specialty areas of nursing as well as certifications of employment experience.

    (Level II Accredited for 5 Years)