Scholarships and Incentives

  1. Enrollment Voucher:
    • Applicable to non-GSC graduates.
    • P1000 discount on same-day enrollment upon taking the assessment.
    • P500 discount within a week upon taking the assessment.
    • Vouchers are issued in the Student Affairs Office.
  1. CTG voucher:
    • Applicable only to GSC Senior High School graduates and the amount varies as per course and can be requested at the college.
    • The honors discount shall only be applied after the CTG voucher is deducted.
    • Vouchers are issued in the College of Education and CNAHP and is valid on the first year of enrollment.
  1. CNAHP Discount
    • Discount of 1500.00(Respi,RadTech,Medtech,Physical Therapy only.)
  1. COED Discount
    • Every applicant who will successfully enroll on the same day of the assessment shall receive a P5000 discount on tuition fees.
    • The discount is applicable for one year.
    • No balance at the end of the first semester.
    • This discount cannot be availed simultaneously with a voucher.
  1. Peregrin P. De Guzman (PPG Scholarship)
    • 100% tuition fee discount shall be awarded to the Rank 1 and Rank 2 of the Overall Ranking of Gold Awardees per year level regardless of the course.
    • In the absence of Rank 1 and/or Rank 2, they will not be replaced and thus, the highest tuition fee discount to be awarded shall be 50%.
  1. Alumni Discount:
    • P1500 discount upon initial enrollment and P500 for each succeeding enrollment. To avail of the discount, at least one of the parents is a college alumnus of GSC including graduates of Midwifery. Discount is fixed regardless if both parents are alumni of GSC.
    • 10% discount upon initial enrollment and 5% discount for each succeeding enrollment is available to all college alumni of GSC who will enroll in the graduate programs. This is applicable only to non-GSC employees.
  1. Siblings discount:
    • 5% discount applies to the second sibling down to the youngest and can be availed every year.
  1. Entrance Discount for Honor Students
    • Applicable to incoming new students with honors: Grade 7, Grade 11, and 1st year College.
    • Category A: For schools with a population of 50 and below, discounts on tuition fees are as follows: Rank 1 (50%); Rank 2 (25%); Rank 3 (15%).
    • Category B: For schools with population of 51 – 100: Rank 1 (75%); Rank 2 (50%); Ranks 3-5 (20%).
    • Category C: For schools with population of 101 and above: Rank 1 (100%); Rank 2 (75%); Rank 3 (50%); Ranks 4-10 (25%).
    • Discount is applicable upon initial enrollment only.


General Guidelines:

  1. The CTG voucher shall be deducted first before all other applicable discounts.
  2. Implementing office for all scholarships and incentives is the Accounting Office.
  3. The discount shall be non-transferrable, not convertible to cash, and not applicable to other school fees.
  4. Summary or list of students and applicable discounts shall be provided to the Accounting Office by the ff:
    • Registrar’s Office – List of Grade 12 incoming college.
    • Principal’s Office – List of Junior High School
    • SHS Office – List of Senior High School
    • A list of siblings and alumni discount recipients must also be provided by the department.
    • A list of non-wage enrollment benefits will be provided by the HRD Office.
  5. A withdrawal fee of P1000 shall be charged upon rescinding of enrollment before the official opening of classes.

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