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3 Key Strands

Accounting and Business Management (ABM), Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS), and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)

IT Curriculum

GSC offers an information technology curriculum through a partnership with BSD Education Group Hong Kong.

#1 Private School in Cabanatuan

GSC is currently the number one private school in terms of enrollment as of 2019 growing from 1,030 in 2016.

Time indeed is the most essential element to succeed. Make the most out of your Senior High School life by choosing the best fit strand and choosing the best school to cater to your learning experiences and interests.
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Program Overview

Good Samaritan Colleges’ Senior High School curriculum is known for its holistic college preparatory approach that enables them to produce graduates who are respectful for the authorities, responsible IT users, effective communicators, problem solver and constructive learners. Our students are competently prepared academically to pursue chosen career tracks. They are committed to attaining life goals with compassion.

This program offers three strands: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMMS), and Accountancy and Business Management (ABM).

At GSC–STEM program, students will learn the basics of medical and health related courses. They will be equipped with technology and problem solving skills in order to create a better future.

At GSC – ABM program, this course strengthens the foundational skills in accountancy and business management and apply these skills in the real world scenarios.

At GSC – HUMMS the program provides unique learning experiences that is beyond the classroom to enable students to understand individuals and the society.

Grade Levels Under Senior High School Program

  • Grade 11
  • Grade 12


Senior High Scchool

Information Center,
Good Samaritan Compound,
Cabanatuan City

(044) 464 3212 – 3213 local (107)
0967 552 1088

Mon – Fri 9:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.

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Why Choose Good Samaritan Colleges?

Good Samaritan Colleges is proud to be the premier college of choice in Cabanatuan City, the major center of business, education, entertainment, culture and sports in Nueva Ecija. Our mission is to provide excellence in service and a learner-centered environment that meets global standards. For over forty years, we have been educating students from across the region and producing graduates who are highly competent and globally competitive.

Accredited Integrated School Programs

BSN and JHS are both Level 2 status while BEED and BSED are Level 1 accredited by Association of Christian Schools, Colleges, and Universities – Accrediting Council, Inc. (ACSCU-ACI).

CHED-Approved Trimester Program

GSC is the only school in Central Luzon that offers the CHED-approved trimester BS Nursing Honors Program that allows qualified students to graduate in three (3) years.

Excellent and Complete Facilities

GSC is the only school in Nueva Ecija that operates two base hospitals: GoodSam Medical Center in Cabanatuan and Gapan City.

Nursing Residency Program (NEGSGHI)

GSC is the only school in Nueva Ecija that exclusively cares for its graduates through the Nursing Residency Program at GoodSam Medical Center for specialty training and employment experience.

Good Samaritan Colleges

Samaritano ng Bagong Milenyo

I’ve always dreamed to be a leader and a beauty queen, but I was ashamed to say it, even to my parents. I was shy, reserved and insecure, but GSC helped me overcome these traits. The institution molded me since I was just a Junior High School student until I moved up to Senior High School. From personality development and leadership training to sports, dance and journalism, they got it all covered. Now I can say that I am ready to face the new challenges in my life, because I know that God, my family and Good Samaritan Colleges trained me well.

Julia RonquilloMs. Good Samaritan 2020 | GSC JHS Alumna

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