GSC Partners with Build Something Different

Good Samaritan Colleges offers different educational experiences for Junior High School and Senior High School. These two departments share the same common goal, which is to produce graduates who are future-ready and future-smart.  This is the reason why GSC partnered with BSD (Build Something Different), a coding platform which is responsive to the students’ needs to be globally competitive and innovative.

The implementation of the program aided the teachers to guide their students in making authentic, realistic, and engaging projects that will surely benefit them in the future. Based on the data gathered from the BSD teacher-implementers, it has been found that the academic performance of students who have been using the program since its initial implementation have gradually improved with the help of their compliance with BSD projects and requirements.

Aside from the positive effects in students’ academic performances, the teachers also observed significant effects of BSD to the students’ attitudes toward school activities. It has been found also that most of the students enjoy doing their projects using the online platform because it expands their creativity and provides more opportunities for them to explore their ideas.

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